Not content to leave it at sailing and socialising, RIYC members have sought-out others with whom to share similar interests.  Since the earliest days of our club history, members have enjoyed playing billiards together at the club.  Many other interests have been shared at the club over the years, including our most recent addition in the past few months, the Cine Club and the Military History Book Club. RIYC Terrace Cafe/ Dining details here


Please see more information on each of the activities by clicking on the links above, where you can find details of regular meetings and upcoming events.

If you have any suggestions for other activities that you would like to see at the Club, please contact the Rear Commodore House 

The Club will be abiding by the Government's Covid regulations, and while we will keep your visit as comfortable as possible for you, social distancing, pre-booking and limited attendees may still be required.